Park Hills Country Club

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  August Newsletter


The 2019 version of Park Hills Country Club continues its record-breaking pace. Member numbers, league participation, junior golf tourney and clubhouse activities are at an all-time high.

Angela and Hallie have settled into their new roles and keep the office and clubhouse humming. Well done, girls.

Chase Clark is doing a great job on the course. Chase’s eye for detail and his ever-present enthusiasm make for an effective combination.

One note about the brown spots on the greens, in particular #7 and #8. These spots are caused by the high temperatures and humidity of late June and early July. The bentgrass gets “puffy”, meaning gas build up in the upper layer of the turf biomass, causing the greens mower to cut lower than intended resulting in “scalp.” This is a common problem at Park Hills, and scalp damage has been an issue every year. This year a mower cutting unit malfunctioned, exacerbating the issue, creating a more pronounced and visible problem. The offending mower has been repaired and the spots are healing.

As always, thank you for your membership and support of Park Hills. It is truly my pleasure to be entrusted with its management. 

See you “At the Club!”

Dick Stuntz

Oak Golf